I have never written a product endorsement before, but thought I would extoll the virtues of Simcan's socks for any of the unconverted who might be reading this. I have a variety of types including my much loved Workables for weekend house projects and cottage activities but get by during the week with lots of black ones for everyday wear (I only wear black clothes, so my socks need to match !!). I always had minor problems with foot comfort but those issues seem to have gone away since I went fulltime with Simcan. My 95 year old mother is a big fan too and, always the concerned father, I give my grownup sons a couple of pairs in their stockings every year, which they appreciate. I believe a product that provides satisfaction should be praised, hence this letter of endorsement. I like doing this: perhaps I should do this more often for other consumer products that have worked well. Unfortunately, a lot don't! Keep up the good work Simcan....
Thomas B. Hayter - Fergus

Hi I just wanted to say thank you to SIMCAN for your excellent socks!! I have been wearing SIMCAN socks for awhile now and wanted to tell you that my legs feel really great! My other socks would be tight on my legs and leave indents which made them hurt. They even hold up great to ware in work boots too which shows to me great quality in the weave. I really like your surestep style, the ones with the grips on the bottom, I ware them all the time and are great for my slippery tile floor and also up at the cottage too, I don't have to worry about slipping on the steep wood stairs. I think this is a great gift for kids too!! Thank you!
Natalie Moore - Toronto

Recently surgery was not used to repair my ruptured acileas tendon in one leg.. A Vacocast (air boot) was prescribed along with a pressure sock for inside the cast. By wearing VITALEGS on the other leg, this provided the opportunity to make a direct comparison between the two pressure socks. Not only did VITALEGS provide the requisite pressure and greater comfort, it soon became my immediate choice for daily use on both legs.
John Walsh - Orangeville

We have had great feedback from our customers about SureSteps for their wear ability, comfort and peace of mind. I highly recommend them.
M. Haug - Store Manager - London

Love my new Simcan socks want to order more today, sincerely Carole

I recently bought some of your product for my mother who suffers severely from Lymphedema and usually cannot wear socks, or the diabetic stockings because they constrict her legs and are very painful to wear. We had success with your socks! She was able to wear them for half a day...which is a record, and found them extremely comfortable, which is no small feat. I just wanted to express my thanks; the product you produce is second to none.
Jacqueline J - Listowel

Happy Holidays! Just had to write you to tell you how much I LOVE your socks! I work in a small gift shop in a long term care facility and they are sold there. They are absolutely the best socks I have ever owned in my life! So comfortable, never lose their shape, wash so nicely, never sag and do not leave a mark on your legs! I've been wearing them for years and they still look brand new, even though I wash them 52 times per year. I recommend them to anyone who comes into the store and have done quite some sales on them. I tell you, I am so glad that you exist and so glad that I purchased that first pair that totally hooked me. Fantastic socks! Have a great holiday and keep up the fabulous work!
Denise Zugic - Calgary

Amazing product.....I started wearing Simcan cotton socks when I injured my ankle and was in a stirrup brace - a cotton sock was a necessity. I ended up buying several pairs - but lo and behold - they kept disappearing on me. When putting away my husbands socks what did I find in his drawer? My socks. So, we ended up buying more socks in a variety of colours to keep us both happy. Now I'm in an aircast (boot) and again, a cotton sock is required.So, more socks in my uniform colour so I can wear them afterwards. They stand up so well - under work boots, in dress shoes - and now I've discovered that you have dress socks! I hope they are knee high (I've been buying one size large so they come up higher). Thank you for this amazing product. Comfort, style, wear.....they can't be beat!
Margaret Leigh - Mississauga

I am not a sock lover. I do not like the way they feel. I go from sandals in spring to boots in the fall when my toes are cold, and if I can get away without wearing socks I will. When challenged to try on the socks from Simcan I was hesitant, but, I am sure glad I did because they felt amazing. I wore them for the first time when there was a brief cold snap, and instead of my usual barefeet in my shooty boots I wore the Simcan socks. I will never wear any socks but Simcan. I got the black, to the knee, and not only do they feel good they look good too!
Rita S. - Ajax

I am very impressed with the level of customer service I was provided. I had ordered a pair of socks that were to be both comfortable and warm for my wife, that I could not find in stores. The socks came in a reasonable amount of time but after only using once She had a tear on one sock. I notified the Simcan rep by email and was instantly told that a replacement was on it's way. I am happy , my wife is happy and I would recommend this company highly. Thank you
Bill Klassen - Toronto

I have to take a moment to let you know I have literaly spent hundreds of dollars on socks, compression socks, etc. My legs swell alot because I am on my feet. They are in alot of pain. Your socks "Tender Tops" are the first ever that I can wear without acting like a turnaquet and hurting my toes. Thank you so much for you product.
Kathy - Mesa

I love your "Tender Top" Socks. I tried one pair, now I own 6. They are the best socks I have ever worn. Thanks for making the product.
Carole Carnahan

The consistent light compression of VitaLegs is easy to wear all day leaving my legs feeling relaxed and comfortable. They are easy to put on and easy to take off therefore making them enjoyable to wear
Carol Roth - New Hamburg

I have worn your comfort socks for about 5-8 years. They are super comfortable. Latest style54908. Thank you very much...and these are made in Canada. We shop at Hunstville Home Drug Store. Thanks again.
William Berry - Huntsville ON

I have seached for these socks relentlessly and eureka ---after having problems with circulation (leg) and tried many sox claiming to be stretched and found an unheathy grip mark I can finally put you sox on and am at complete ease. The SIMCAN COMFORT SOCK MEN 8/11.5 over calf After three pairs arrived and I wore one pair I immediatly phoned for two more packs so I am not writng for freebes just sincere gratitude.
Robert Cowles - UK

My favorite socks are the Wool Comfort Sock. They are soft, warm and comfortable, not itchey at all. So comfortable, I even wear them to bed and no more cold feet at night! My husband thanks you as do I.
Daphne - Shoppers Home Healthcare - Fredericton, NB

I love putting on my suresteps when I get out of bed in the morning, my floor is always sooo cold and with the added grips on the bottom I don't slide around. SIMCAN suresteps are my best socks!
Natalie Moore - Toronto

I am pleased to tell you that my wife has found your comfort hosiery socks to be the best stocking that she has worn. Barb finds them to be very comfortable and nice and warm on her feet. She has enjoyed them so much that we had to go back and purchase two more pairs of them.
Charles and Barbara - Lr Sackville, Nova Scotia

One does not have to be diabetic or have any foot "problems" to enjoy these VERY comfortable socks!! Thank you!
C & B Lang Randall - Outlook

Hi, I had fun at Christmas when I decided to use a 'Super Stretchy Simcan' sock for my Grandson's stocking. It stretched and stretched and was almost impossible to fill. I always threaten to stretch one right up to his head! I love them.
Mrs. Jancis Suprun - London - UK

I travelled in South America for almost five months on an extended honeymoon adventure. I brought about a weeks' worth of socks... a few different pair of athletic & wool socks from both MEC and Sports Check and some Simcans. I figured I would wear the lighter athletics in hot climates & while trekking, and the Simcan Comfort Socks while in the Andes and on cool nights. It didn't take long to realize how wonderful the Comfort Socks were. One day, in my first week of travel, I had worn all my light sporty socks and was forced to wear my Simcans on a day trip to ancient desert pyramids. The sun was excruciating that day. Surprisingly, my feet were not too hot and so completely comfortable. The next week I was trekking in the Cordillera Blanca 4,700 meters high and at arms reach of the mountain glaciers. Again, the Simcan socks were perfect; super comfy and warm. I was only two weeks into my trip at this point and realized that I made the wrong decision in bringing the other socks. From then on I planned out what days my foot comfort was most important and saved the Simcans for those days. Re-reading this it sounds like a commercial. Ha! But it's so true. That was a few years ago now and believe it or not, I'm still wearing the same pairs of Simcans. Although there has been some ware, there are no holes and they are still my most comfortable socks. I obviously have purchased more since and I recommend them to people whenever the topic comes up. They seem to last forever.
Deanna Rebellato - Toronto

Hi, just wanted to let you know it was a sad day at my house last weekend. We lost a valued item. I discovered a hole in my husband's Workables socks. I confronted him and he said he did not put a hole in them. So we figured out our daughter's dog had chewed a hole in one of the socks and we were not happy. We are going to miss that old sock but I will happily replace it with another pair! LOL
Terri - Brandon MB

..I would like to thank Simcan for making (Simcan Wool Comfort)socks that are soft and warm and that stretch to fit folks with wide feet and calves yet also stay up (without strangling said wide feet and calves).
W. Gay - Southborough

FINALLY! An adult sock for hypersensitive feet I have searched everywhere for crew socks that are truly seamless across the toes and that were not too thick ~ I have tactile hypersensitivity issues (It seems that manufacturers think that only children have this issue) and have chosen, in the past, to go sockless rather than be driven cRaZy by so-called seamless toe socks! I LOVE THESE SOCKS!!! Please don't ever discontinue carrying them :-)
Ratajill - Chicago

This is really 2 stories in one pertaining to the socks that Simcan produces. A year ago August my home was hit by a tornado that damaged my home severely. I was off work approximately 12 weeks to clear up the damage and get my family back into our home. The destruction and clear up was huge! During this period of time we went through a tremendous amount of t-shirts/ pants and socks, they literally were worn out with the tremendous mess and physical work done. In the 8th week I was talking to my boss and told him how sore my entire body was especially my feet from the amount of work. We were putting 18 hour days 7 days a week. The next day my boss brought a box of socks up for my family from Simcan. We were very surprised and grateful for these. I can not believe the comfort/ warmth and felling that these socks gave. Within 2 days of wearing these our feet were not sore anymore. The story does not end there. Once I felt the unbelieveable effects of these socks, I spoke with my younger brother about them. He is disabled and suffered greatly with his legs/ knees and especially his feet. I gave him a couple pairs of these Simcan socks to try. He gave me the regular little brother "it sounds to good to be true business" at first. But 1 week later he called me and said christmas is very close, I need socks! Simcan socks to be exact. He could not stop talking about how much difference the socks had made for him. His feet were warmer/ his shoes did not hurt/ his feet did not ache and he felt better in general due to the comfort of his feet. We both still wear these socks, and highly recommend to everyone this product. We tend to be on our feet all day long, not to wear comfortable socks that actually improve your overall health is crazy. Try these socks and you will see and feel what I am talking about. Great product.
Chris Johnson - Fergus

My daughter gave me a pair of the Simcan Comfort Plus socks. They are the most comfortable, warm socks I have ever worn. I am a volunteer hockey coach on my feet on cold arena floors for long periods of time and my feet are as comfortable at the end of the game as at the beginning.
Lloyd MacKinnon - Mississauga

Very thankful to be able to wear these socks to help my circulation.
P. Bissonnette - Aurora

I bought a pair of Simcan Comfort Socks recently. They don't slip, bind, or itch. They are the most comfortable socks I've ever worn, and they feel as good at the end of the day as they do at the beginning. I'll be buying more and recommending them as well.
Roy Kaufman - Calgary

I have been on the planet for more than 60 years, and have yet to find socks as comfortable as Simcan socks. My sock drawer includes about 6 different types from lo-rise cotton to mid calf wool blend. My daughter wears the lo-rise style, and loves them. Simcan socks are ideal for anyone who wants happy feet! Contact me if you're interested to try them out! 1-866-830-3469
Kathy Butler - London

A 45 minute drive to SUPPORTIVE SOLES in Belleville for a medium pair of COMFORT SOCKS was the destination of a determined woman! Doris has come to appreciate the fit of her SIMCAN SOCKS/Comfort Sock, her sock of choice 'for life'. She noted how long they last. Although she bought one pair today, she keeps a continuous stock on hand. I know she will always come back here for her 'favourite' socks. SUPPORTIVE SOLES staff enjoy wearing these fabulous socks; we happily, and enthusiastically promote the Simcan Sock! From LENORE at Supportive Soles, unsolicited endorsement
LENORE DIXON - Belleville

I received a pair of your Comfort Plus ankle socks, and being the skeptic that I am, put them to the test. I wore them all day at work, then went out for my 5 mile run. Loved them!! But the test wasn't over yet. I put them in the wash that night so I could wear them the next day. Again I wore them all day and went out for a run that night. These socks are awesome! They didn't slip, slide, or rub. They breathe and are extremely comfortable. They are the only socks I will be wearing for the Disney marathon in January. I also gave my husband, who is a diabetic, a pair of the Comfort socks. He wore them all day for work and told me they were the most comfortable socks he's ever worn. They didn't slide down, they didn't rub, and they didn't leave compression ridges in his legs. Thanks for some great socks!!!!!!
Gerry Wynn - Macon

Best socks ever worn!
M. Seblefski - Ontario

Bought for (my) husband due to health concerns but tried one pair myself and loved them.
A. Allen - Cambridge

My husband, myself and my mother all wear your socks and love them. My husband is a diabetic and he notices improvement in his circulation.
R. Allan - Hamilton

This is the only pair of socks I've been able to find with these excellent features.
L Dokte - Wyoming

Our family is thrilled that the "Comfort Sock" are everything you say they are on the package!. Super Product!
G. Brown - Cambridge

What a wonderful pair of socks!! I'm going to tell all my friends about them. Better put the production line in high gear.
B. Buchanan - Stratford

I am a UK customer buying through Cosyfeet. I have tried them all for my lymphatic edema and yours are by far the best! Please don't stop making them. Best Regards,
Eric Twigg - UK

I only wear cushioned socks for sports as I have sensitive feet and when I wore the Simcan Comfort Plus what I noticed first was the shape held firmly on my foot and at the ankle. The "feel" on my feet was excellent, they didn't lose their shape or slide around in my golf shoes. I think you have another winner here!
Douglas H. Ridsdale - St. George

I am emailing you to let you know how appreciative I am of the fact that you have produced the very lovely, comfortable socks known as SIMCAN COMFORT PLUS. I purchased 3 pairs of your socks at Sears at Limeridge Mall. The socks wash up beautifully. It's oh so great to read that your socks are MADE IN CANADA. I am not a diabetic. I've had to acquire orthotics and the shoes to go with my orthotics. Your COMFORT PLUS socks make the wearing of my orthotics and shoes pleasurable. I have been looking for such a sock as COMFORT PLUS for awhile and I'm really pleased to have found your brand of socks.
Nicolina Franco - Stoney Creek

My name is Linda Heber. In 2002 I went to visit a fellow Foot Care Nurse at her clinic in Waterloo. I spent some time reading the pamphlets on a huge wall in the wellness centre and came across a SIMCAN Comfort Sock pamphlet, I picked it up and took it home. I wanted for some reason to try this Most Comfortable Sock. I have worn so many different kinds of socks in my years that I needed one to be comfortable. I called Simcan Socks and Jim Simmons actually answers his own phone. Nice Surprise. We met and the rest is history, as they say. Maybe you have figured out I am a foot care nurse too. I am also diabetic. I have been wearing these most comfortable socks for 11 years now and they are quite frankly, THE MOST COMFORTABLE SOCKS. I am most proud to tell people about the socks because first of all the company is in the Waterloo Region and quite frankly are THE MOST COMFORTABLE SOCK period!, hands down!, absolutely!. I recommend these socks to any one who desires comfortable feet. I recommend them to people who appreciate excellent customer service and frankly good community citizenship. Jim and Marsha Simmons are excellent supporters of the Nursing Foot Care field and we appreciate their products for all of our clients. Not just the Comfort Sock; but, the others too! My clients all appreciate being educated in the importance of great products to keep their feet healthy. Simcan socks fit into my company motto, think about this as you put on your Comfort Socks "Have you looked at your feet today" Happy Feet
Linda Heber - Kitchener